ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching targets the core impairments of ADHD, giving clients a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of ADHD and its impact on their quality of life.

Sarah works together with clients to build structures, support systems, skills and strategies to help move clients forward.

Coaching helps clients to stay focused on their goals, overcome obstacles, address core ADHD-related issues, gain clarity and function more effectively.

Sarah works from a knowledge of the various ways ADHD affects daily life and impacts each client differently. She supports her clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their unique brain wiring and their strengths. They address the academic, vocational, emotional and interpersonal life difficulties that result from their ADHD symptoms and work together to find ways to overcome these challenges.

Sarah’s training as a nutritional practitioner and digital wellness coach allows her to use a holistic approach, examining how lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise, use of technology and the environment can all be adapted for a better life.

Sarah works together with her clients to build healthy habits that are sustainable.

A core feature of ADHD is difficulties with Executive Functions. These are the cognitive processes that help in regulating, controlling and managing cognitive abilities. They are crucial for goal-directed behaviour, planning, problem-solving and self-regulation.

Sarah teaches her clients how to organise, plan, manage time and maintain focus. Coaching sessions provide individualised and comprehensive support to allow the client to develop skills in planning and organising their responses and emotions as well as their behaviour.

Clients experience an increase in independence and confidence as they learn the skills necessary to be more effective and productive.