Coaching is a collaboration between coach and client to address specific needs and personal goals. I work from an understanding of the various ways ADHD affects daily life and impacts each client differently. I support my clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their unique brain wiring and also their strengths. We address the academic, vocational, emotional and interpersonal life difficulties that result from their ADHD symptoms and help them to find ways to overcome their challenges.

We create structures, support, skills, strategies and build habits to help them move forward with fuller and more satisfying lives. I help them stay focused on their goals, face obstacles and address the core ADHD-related issues of:


I use a holistic approach, examining how lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise and the environment can all be adapted for a better life.

I also examine which other manifestations of ADHD are affecting them:
-low self-esteem
-negative self-talk
-executive function deficits
-lack of emotional regulation
-sleep problems
-anxiety and depression
-drug/alcohol/food/gaming addictions
-social skills

and we work together to overcome these problem areas.

I help clients to understand that the source of their challenges is ADHD and not personal shortcomings.